Finding Art Inspiration To Spark Your Creativity

Finding Art Inspiration To Spark Your Creativity

This inspiration for art how-to will show you how to spark your own imagination and get you started on your next creative endeavour.

Artists can find art inspiration almost anywhere, but sometimes at the moment, it can be hard to find that creative boost. Here are some tips on nurturing your inspiration and turning that inspiration into beautiful artwork. 

How to find art inspiration 

Visit an art gallery or market

Looking at other works of art is the best approach to find inspiration for your own! Visit galleries and museums frequently, follow plenty of artists on social media, and stock your home with art literature. Study the pieces carefully and note what inspires you about them. Inspiration doesn't have to come from the same medium you practice in and enjoy; it's essential to surround yourself with different items that attract you. Who knows, small portions of these works could potentially be integrated into your medium later down the road. 

Collect treasured references

Take lots of photos when you're out making memories. Practice Plein Air for reference, travel with a sketch pad and keep those reference doodles. Artists are like magpies, collecting many bits and bobs for their creative spaces. 

Mentorship & Community

There are many opportunities for artists and creatives to take classes. However, few include the added bonus of mentorship and community. I've discovered Mastrius, an artist mentorship community and have received so much more than an art workshop. Mastrius offers mentorship to aspiring artists from Pro and Master Artists. Mastrius is structured into small groups with like-minded community members to ensure a non-competitive, creative and collaboratory environment. The platform is international, welcoming and inspirational. You'll feel like part of the community.  


The wonders of nature serve as a source of inspiration for many artists. Start with a walk if you don't know where to look for artistic ideas! The natural world and how we perceive it offers a large variety of exciting things to incorporate into your work. Many scientists and creatives alike claim mental fatigue and concentration can be improved by spending time in nature, regrouping and taking in the fresh air.

Vision Board or Pinterest

Creating a physical vision board or saving posts from Pinterest can help you visualize your goals. These can be anything from colours that caught your eye to inspirational quotes and what your dreams as an artist may be to help keep you focused long term.

Outside the obvious

Take in your surroundings (a cityscape, a person's facial features, the clouds above, etc.), and really see your environment for what it is. Look closely at shapes, colours and movement. Taking a break from the norm and just being part of your surroundings can help creative work by helping you feel refreshed.  

Social Media

You're probably wondering why I've listed social media last. Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook are excellent sources of inspiration for many artists. However, I've spoken to a few...and I'm one of them that actually find it the opposite and quite discouraging. As an artist, we often tend to second guess our talents, and we're all on an art journey where we're forever learning, growing and improving. You never reach perfectionism (or at least you may not see yourself that way), and looking at other artists' beautiful work can sometimes be discouraging. Please don't get caught up in it. If you find art inspiration by looking at others' work, great, continue to do so. If you find yourself without motivation or even discouraged, look to all the other tips provided here. 

Conclusion: Just do it!

Ever heard of "Fake it till you make it"? Well, sometimes, you just need to start creating. If you're a painter and can't muster up the inspiration for your next piece, try flexing your creative muscle by sketching, mixing some colours, trying some different techniques, taking a class or networking with your art community. These small steps will often get you out of your slump and on your way to being creative once more. 

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