Commissioning Fine Art From Christina Gouldsborough

If you don't see exactly what you’re looking for on my site, but love my body of work, I’m always open to discussing a memory, treasure or vision you’d like to have created on canvas.

Christina Gouldsborough is very pleased to create fine art painting commissions for private and public art collectors, museums, corporations, hotels, investment funds, and art syndicates.

Working with a talented artist to create something unique is a meaningful, opulent experience.

It entails leaving a legacy for all humankind, not just the family's future generations.

A commission for fine art may represent the clients accomplishments, relationships with loved ones, personal development, and sense of service to a more significant cause.

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Why Order a Commissioned Painting?

Clients commission fine art paintings for a variety of reasons. Some of these consist of...


  • A memorable occasion.
  • Preserving meaningful antiques, family heirlooms, and personal symbols.
  • Presents for the kids, husband, and relatives.
  • Weddings and Anniversaries.
  • Honouring peers, family history, ancestors, accomplishments, etc.
  • Complementing or matching another Christina Gouldsborough piece in your collection.


  • Luxurious interior ambiance; Luxurious upgrading of the home's decor; etc.
  • Private home office.
  • Statement item for the front door.

Social and cultural aspects include:

  • A topic of conversation at social gatherings, culturally significant dates or holidays, and religiously significant days or holidays.
  • Adding to or finishing an existing art collection.
  • Complementing or matching other pieces of art in your collection.
  • Commercial events, accomplishments, presents, etc.
  • Appreciation of a person's contribution to a company.
  • Office fit-out to create an opulent, upscale setting (such as the lobby, waiting area, boardroom and CEO's office).
  • Displaying interior design for luxury residences, apartments, and penthouses in real estate development.


  • Public artwork purchased by a museum (on display are themed collections).
  • Decoration of public buildings.
  • Appreciation of individual contributions.
  • Appreciation of a person's contribution to the community, province, state or country.

Process for a Commissioned Painting with Christina Gouldsborough

Initial Consultation

The client's preferences and/or Christina's concept suggestions are considered while deciding on the topic, colour scheme, and size.

The client may supply the object(s) to be painted, or Christina Gouldsborough, the hired artist, may recommend the subject(s).

The aforementioned commission-related features are first negotiated and then carried out in line with the artist's recognized aesthetic and interpretation.

A photo session may be necessary to complete the commissioned artwork of a landscape representation; conceptual art or a pet portrait is ordered, and a proper reference photo cannot be provided.

If a photograph is to be used as the basis for the commissioned portrait, one must be selected by both client and artist and provided to the artist for the duration of the commissioned painting.

Subjects include landscape, still life, conceptual art, and animals. Medium is oil on 1.5"-deep canvas that is gallery wrapped and D-ring wired. All commissioned paintings will be created in Christina Gouldsborough's representational art style using her patented painting method, emphasising colour and detail to heighten emotion and your sense of presence in the painting.

The artwork is first painted in values, followed by several layers of medium and oils, and then at least thee coats of varnish to give it a vibrant appearance.


Like everything of value and quality, producing artworks of a representational style requires significant time.

The length of the fine art commission will depend on the timing of Christina's other events and obligations, the size of the commissioned piece, and the specifics and quantity of themes in the painting that will be addressed before the commission starts.

It could last for a few weeks to a full year.

The cost of commissioned art

During the initial consultation with the customer, the cost of the fine art commission is determined and agreed upon.

The cost is determined by the commissioned artwork's intended size, object complexity, and level of detail.

When the commission agreement is signed, 50% of the agreed-upon purchase price (the non-refundable down payment) is paid.

After receiving this down payment, the commission painting project gets started.

The remaining 50% is paid upon completion before shipment or delivery of the commissioned artwork.

Framing, delivery, shipping, and installation

Unless prior agreements were made before the project began, the client is responsible for any desired framing, shipping, and installation of the artwork.

Contract for an Art Commission

A contract is necessary to formalize the fine art commission and guarantee the respect of both parties.

All information discussed, including the topic, the size and medium of the artwork, the cost, the payment terms, etc., is included in the contract.