Art Studio Tours

Art Studio Tours

The manner in which artists connect with fans and collections has changed. Studio Art Tours what are they? What purpose do they serve and how do they work?

What is an art studio? 

An art studio is a comfortable and creative space to focus on your artistic craft. They don’t have to be a formal or significant size setting; they can be a small corner of your home with good lighting, positive energy, room for your tools and most importantly, the ability to have dedicated and uninterrupted time to get inspired. 

These creative places should be an extension of the Artist and their creative practice. 

What is a studio tour?

Studio tours are studio visits where patrons can visit where the Artist creates and displays work. 

Art galleries were the norm for displaying artworks and meeting Artists. However, much like everything else over the past couple of years, artists got extra creative and innovative with the global pandemic. They found new ways to reach their followers and bring collectors and artists together.

Previously, traditional interactions were based around conventional art galleries, often only one gallery, usually formal affairs, with multiple artists displaying in one central building. 

Art studio tours are much more intimate and allow you to visit directly with the Artist and learn how the Artist works and what their art is about, all while enjoying great conversation, refreshments, and sometimes even raffled artworks. Studio tours also allow flexibility for those visiting, typically allowing a range of dates and times where you can come and go as you please and have direct, meaningful conversations with the Artists. 

What is the intent of a studio tour?

Studio tours have different intents based on the art theme or Artist. Often tours are created for visibility and networking. Followers of creators and collectors alike are often drawn to pieces based on the journey in their creation, the story behind the artwork and the emotion it provokes. Getting to know the Artist creates an understanding and bond that cannot be replicated in traditional channels.  

Other art studio tours are scheduled to display new artworks or a shift in a series of works. Sometimes they are created to invite you into an Artist’s precious creative space to talk about their creative journey. 

Many art studio tours are hosted as a budget-friendly way for artists to sell their work with minimal overhead and in an intimate setting. 

Calgary Artists Studio Tour 

In 2022, 12 Calgary Artists will be hosting the first annual Calgary Artists Studio Tour. This self-guided tour in and around Calgary and Area will allow people to visit Artists in the comfort of their homes. Walk through their studio, have an intimate conversation with the artists and get inspired. Our first tour will take place October 22-23, 2022. Please save the date, and help us make this event a success! We’d love to make this an annual occasion. We hope to see you there. 

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