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Bridging Eras | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 18"x24"| Oil On Canvas

Bridging Eras | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 18"x24"| Oil On Canvas

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Original Art | 18”x24”x1.5” Oil on Canvas | Varnished | Gallery Finished | Ready To Hang

"Bridging Eras" is about embracing the past and celebrating the future!

This 18"x 20" original oil painting captures the walk along 9th Avenue leading up to Fort Calgary and the history of the iconic 110-year-old 9th Avenue Bridge in Calgary. Replacement with its newer counterpart was completed in 2022. The arch design mirrors that of the original steel girder span. Connecting Inglewood, Ramsay, and East Village communities over the Elbow River. The bridge from 1909 was built originally for the new streetcar system. Still, with constant city growth, reduced load capacity and insufficient flood resiliency, a new bridge was designed to handle over 20000 vehicles daily, cyclists, pedestrians and the ever-growing city centre. Commemoration pieces from the original bridge were installed in Sculpture Park, and digital imaging was completed before removal.

As I walk along this historic place, I am transported to a world where the old and new blend seamlessly - where the echoes of the past harmonize with the vibrant spirit of progress. The historic 9th Avenue Bridge is now just a memory, with its graceful arches and intricate details whispering tales of days gone by, connecting us to the rich heritage of this incredible city.

The new bridge reflects the vision and innovation of Calgary's growth. Its sleek lines and modern design invite us to embrace a future filled with endless possibilities while paying homage to the city's architectural ingenuity.

This painting is a powerful reminder that embracing progress does not mean forgetting our roots. It artfully captures the balance between preserving our heritage and welcoming change.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the bridges that connect us physically and symbolically, reminding us of our shared history and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Each original painting is gallery wrapped  around the top and sides of the 1.5" profile frame in black. No frame required.

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