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Bumper Crop | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 24"x28" | Oil On Canvas

Bumper Crop | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 24"x28" | Oil On Canvas

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Original Art | Oil | 24”x48”x1.5” Canvas | Varnished | Gallery Finished | Ready to Hang

A back road journey through the heart of central Alberta captured in brushstrokes. 'Bumper Crop' is an original 24" x 48" oil painting, of the beauty found in the simplicity of rural landscapes. Inspired by an August roadside pause amidst a vast canola field, this piece transports you to the tranquil expanse of the Canadian prairies.

In this artwork, the scene unfolds with poetic grace. The foreground is adorned with untamed, wild long grass, swaying gently in the whisper of the wind. Standing solitary against the horizon, a lone bale emerges, a stoic testament to the agricultural rhythm of the land. Yet, it is the canola field that steals the spotlight, ablaze in vibrant hues of yellow, and essence of summer's bounty.

Above, the sky tells its own story. Large, billowing clouds drift lazily, their shadows playing hide-and-seek across the land. Despite their ominous presence, the threat of inclement weather dissipates, leaving behind a sense of relief and gratitude for the passing storm and the chance to harvest the bumper crop.

Experience the allure of the prairies, frozen in time on canvas, and let this evocative masterpiece transport you to a place where the spirit of the land dances with the whispers of the wind all summer long.

Each original painting is gallery wrapped  around the top and sides of the 1.5" profile frame in black. No frame required.

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