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Golden Symphony | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 6"x8" | Oil On Canvas

Golden Symphony | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 6"x8" | Oil On Canvas

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Original Art | 6”x8”x1.5” Oil on Canvas | Varnished | Gallery Finished | Ready to Hang

Summer in Alberta means dramatic skies and seas of yellow canola fields. Spontaneous trips down backroads inspired all paintings in the "Alberta Skies and Canola Fields" Series. It's impossible not to be taken in by the happiness, warmth and sunshine feeling of these yellow fields, and I find myself returning again and again to painting these beauties on canvas.

In this painting, the beauty of canola flowers is brought to life under the warm glow of a golden sunset. The canvas is filled with a symphony of golden hues, capturing the essence of this evening scene.

The background showcases a vast expanse of canola flowers, their vibrant yellow petals creating a mesmerizing carpet that stretches towards the horizon. The delicate bloom in the foreground stands tall, swaying gently in the breeze as if whispering secrets to the setting sun.

The sun descends gracefully, casting its ethereal radiance upon the landscape. Its golden rays cascade across the sky, painting wisps of fiery yellow, orange and red shades.

With "Golden Symphony", I attempted to capture the fleeting beauty of early Canola blooms and the golden hour, preserving it for eternity on canvas.

Each original painting is gallery wrapped  around the top and sides of the 1.5" profile frame in black. No frame required.

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