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The Path Less Traveled | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 10"x10" | Oil On Canvas

The Path Less Traveled | Original Artwork | Landscape Painting | 10"x10" | Oil On Canvas

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Original Art | 10”x10”x1.5” Oil on Canvas | Varnished | Gallery Finished | Ready to Hang

My latest series, "Escape The City," is devoted to the ordinary beauty discovered in nature when one leaves technology behind, resets, and gives themselves permission to change their viewpoint, rediscover their dreams, and believe in the marvel and enchantment of life.

“The Path Less Traveled” captures the beauty and serenity of the badlands, a unique landscape characterized by rugged terrain and stunning natural formations. The walking path, which is the focal point of the painting, winds its way through the hills and valleys, disappearing into the distance, inviting the viewer to imagine where it might lead.

“The Path Less Traveled” provides a sense of depth and texture to the painting, with each brushstroke adding to the intricate details of the scene. The hills and valleys are painted with a range of warm and cool tones, creating a sense of movement and dimensionality that draws the eye into the painting.

The overall effect of the painting is one of tranquility and peace, capturing the unique beauty of the badlands landscape.

Each original painting is gallery wrapped  around the top and sides of the 1.5" profile frame in black. No frame required.

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